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It’s been a while since my last blog post here, I’ve been meaning to do it but just been busy, so my apologies on that, I really should keep this used tires blog more up to date, but sometimes things don’t always go the way we want it to, but I am sure you already knew that. Anyhow, I’ve gotten a few emails from people asking about cheap tires for sale and where exactly the best place to get these cheap tires are. Hopefully I can provide that answer for you. If you take a look around my used tires website more specifically the archive page, you will find that I’ve blogged about this topic before. For example in the Cheap Used Tires post, which was my last blog post. Is an example of this question. Similar articles have also been written in the past so the archive page is always a great place to find solid information on previous articles.

I’ll give the short answer recap, use your local area as a resource. Check the newspapers, the local craigslists listings, usually there will be someone offering a very good deal on used tires, you just gotta be lucky that it matches the tires you are looking for. If you are in the city, usually you have local businesses that specialize in used tires and you can often find good deals.

Best of luck, hope you are able to find the used tires that you need! On a quick side note, I hope to get at least one blog post in the month of March.

Cheap Used Tires

You’ve obviously come here looking for information in regards to cheap used tires, not to worry I’ve got you covered and will try my best to give you some insight on what the best places are for getting the cheapest used tires, and saving your self alot of money.

The biggest thing you need to do, is to do the proper research, because depending on your area, there are different avenues or sources of where you can get a better deal on used tires.

First of all you should definitely search for any local area stores that sell used tires, usually you can find a store that sells used tires in your area, just do a search on your local yellow pages. Once you’ve got a location near you, or a few ideally, just give them a call and ask if they have your specific tire size available, then ask them how much it is. Usually most of these used tires dealers will charge you a reasonable price to install and mount the used tires for you. I’ve personally have paid around $30 in my local area to install and mount the tires, and the tires were in fantastic condition!

If the price seems a little too high, you can always try looking for deals on craigslist or even your local newspaper, off course the downside might be that you might not have the proper equipment to mount the tires should those tires be sold without the rims. If you do buy tires plus rims you are likely going to be paying alot more than just for the tire itself. So ideally you are going to want to buy from a local used tire dealer. Another alternative is eBay, but again you might run into issues of where you won’t be able to mount the tires on your car since you likely don’t have the equipment to remove the tire from your current rim, and place the new thread onto your current rim. So in the end the best solution for cheap used tires for the regular average consumer is to get one at a used tires dealer.

how to dispose of tires

You’ve got some used tires on your hands and you are looking at how to dispose of tires, this article will try to give you some insight and clues on how you can go about recycling and disposing of those used tires.

First of all, if you are in the United States, each state has its own laws as to how you can go about disposal of your used tires. Make sure you read up the laws for your specific state so you don’t do something that is illegal with your used tires in your particular state. If you are outside of the United States, you are gonna have to find out about your specific country’s laws in regards to the disposal of used tires.

If you’d like to make a little bit of money with those used tires on hands and they are relatively still in good condition, you can always find a buyer as demand for used tires is relatively high, especially when the economy is down like it is at the moment in the USA. You can usually sell your tire on craigslist by making a post in your town/area and advertising that you have some used tires for sale, as long as your tires are in great shape, you are gonna find a buyer. If you’re in a city that has alot of used tires, you could also try calling up a local store that deals with used tires, and try making a deal with them. They will likely buy the tires from you, although your profit might not be as a great since after all they would have to re-sell those tires to someone else, so they would want to buy the used tires from you at a lower cost, so they can make a profit on it.

In future posts I will try to go in depth about the laws in regards to each specific state and how they govern their used tires disposal, as each state is unique with their laws. For the mean time, if you are looking at how to dispose used tires, your best bet is to search your state website in the appropriate laws in that regard, or alternatively you could always try to sell your used tires and reduce the costs of your new tires that way!

Is it good to buy used tires?

Perhaps you’ve never purchased used tires in your lifetime, and you’ve come here to know if it is good to buy used tires, well I am here to tell you that it depends. There is no problem buying used tires, as long as there is still alot of tread left on the tire. That is the main thing you want to concern yourself with when looking over the used tires. Look at your current set of tires, take a close look at how your wear is on your current set of tires, and then compare it to the tires that is being offered to you. If the tread remaining on the used tires look better than the current set of tires that you are contemplating replacing, then yes it is a good idea to buy used tires.

How do you check tire wear on your used tires?

One of the famous tests, that is performed is simply by using a penny. Get your self a penny, and insert the penny with Lincoln’s head faced down, once you insert the penny in the tire gap, try to push the penny towards the inside of the gap, if you can see Lincoln’s head, it’s often a sign that there is too much wear on the tire, and you should highly consider replacing that tire. If you can see Lincoln’s head on the used tires you are thinking about buying, then definitely do not buy that used tire, as it does not have good tire wear left. Using a used tires that has bad tire wear, is not a safe thing to do. Now if the tire covers the head of the ex-president then by all means that is a sign of a tire that has tread left on it.

The end conclusion is that yes used tires can be a good buy, so as long as you purchase a reliable tire, with more tread left on it compared to your current tire. After all, you wouldn’t want to go down right? Look for more used tires articles in the upcoming weeks.

Creative Uses for Old Tires

As it turns out, you’ve got some used tires on hand and you aren’t quite sure what to do with them. Perhaps you’ve thought about disposing those used tires but as you may know, each state has their own rules as to how you can go about disposing your used tires. As a result you likely want a fun project or some creative uses for old tires. This post will try to give you some idea and insights on what you could make with those used tires, and try to get those creative juices flowing.

One of the most unique ideas, if you’ve got the proper backyard for it, is to make an old fashioned tire swing with the tires. This can be a fun project for you if you’ve got the right tire size it can make for a fantastic swing. Make sure to get yourself one of the strongest ropes available, you don’t want to go cheap on that aspect of the swing when making it. You should also make sure that you’re tree branches are very sturdy and can support the forces it will endure when a person is on that swing. If you don’t want to use ropes, you could also try to use some sturdy chains as an alternative. Also if you don’t have a tree, try to find an alternative of where to put the tire swing at.

You could also use the tires to protect your precious items. For example, let’s say you have a boat, you could cut the tire, and then use the tire rubber as a bumper brace, to protect the boat more whenever you make contact with other objects. So this idea of protection, can probably lead you think of other ways you can protect your current belongings.

If you are a gardener if can be a dream for you, the used tires if you cut them, can act as flower and plant holders for you. If you are an artistic person, and enjoy working with crafts, think about making a shoe out of the used tires. The possibilities are endless really!

This article hopefully has given you that nudge you need, that highlights that yes you can do something with those used tires after all. And at the end of it all, just let your imagination and creativity flow, and I am sure you can come up with some great ways to use the used tires.

Places to sell used tires

If you read my previous article Places to buy used tires, I talked about how you can can go about buying used tires, well today I will be discussing the issue in regards to where you can sell your used tires, just what kind of places can you go to, to sell your used tires. If you read or check out the previous article you can get a good idea of what will be talked about here in this article, as it is a reciprocal thing between selling and buying used tires.

Obviously if you have a business established and a store that sells used tires, you already have a place to sell used tires. However as a normal average person you likely do not. A good suggestion will be to get in contact with these places that sell used tires, and see if you can’t bargain with them and sell your used tires to them. If they see that your tires are still in relatively good condition, it is very likely that they will buy the used tires from you, so that is one definite avenue that you can go to.

The other places that you can sell your used tires would be online. The best place I recommend currently would be to sell your used tires on Craigslist. The main reason being that you can put up your listing to your local town, and arrange a deal with your local person. You can try to sell your tire on eBay, but chances are you will lose out on your full potential profit from the tire. The loss comes from the fact that if you think about it, a used tire or any tire for that matter is very heavy, so if you ship the tire out, it will wind up being a very costly ship, and likely not worth your time to sell it on eBay. As you can see, currently the best place online to sell your used tires would be craigslist, since your are dealing on a local level you can deliver the tire to the person, or you can arrange a meeting at a destination and make the transaction there. I hope this article was useful to you, I will be writing more articles on used tires, so as always been on the look out for that, and check the archive to see all the posts I’ve made to find your desired topic or issue with used tires.

Places to buy used tires

If you are looking for places to buy used tires, this post will try give you the detail and know how in regards to how you can go about buying some used tires. First of all unless you are in a big city, the chances of finding a store that sells used tires locally is very rare. From my personal experience, most used tires stores are frequently located in the bigger cities. You can usually look at your town’s yellow pages, and find a used tires dealer by flipping threw the catalog and the appropriate category.

Off course if your local area does not have a used tires dealer or store that sells used tires, you can always use the tool sitting right in front of you. I am talking about the internet off course! With today’s technology there are so many places online that will sell used tires and ship them right to you. One of the places you should definitely search for used tires is on eBay. The only downside perhaps to buying from a place such as eBay is the shipping cost of the used tire. The shipping cost could make your purchase of the tire become too costly to order, and chances are you might be better off getting yourself a brand new sticker tire. The other downside could be that you don’t get to inspect the tires yourself, you will have to rely on the honesty of the seller, which is why when it comes to used tires it is always best to buy in person.

If eBay is not your cup of tea, you can always try to hit up Craiglist, if you look at your respective local area on craigslist chances are you will find someone willing to sell their used tires to you. This will greatly reduce the costs, as you can make the transaction in person, and manually inspect the used tires yourself, and reduce the risks that often come with making purchases online at places like eBay.

Remember to always check the tire for wear, and see how the thread on the tire looks, some used tires will be very good tires, while others might have too much wear to even be worth purchasing. Be on the look out for more articles to be posted soon!

Selling Used Tires

You more than likely have come here to find out about how you can go about selling used tires, am I right? This post will try to give you some information, and provide you a little push towards your goal of selling those used tires of yours. Whether you are looking to start your own business, or perhaps just looking to get rid of your used tires from your vehicle by selling them, so you can gain some extra money, this blog post will try to highlight that for you.

First of all the internet is going to be your best friend if you are just looking to get rid of your used tires by selling them. There are so many avenues online that you can go to. Some solutions will be free, and some will charge a small fee to sell them. One of the best places to sell your tires for your local area is Craigslist. If you have not heard of Craigslist just simply do a search on Google or any of your favorite search engine, and you will soon find that you can select your local area, and post your ad to sell your used tires. A word of advice for selling your tires on that website, you should sell your tires only locally, and receive the money in person, the website should be used as a medium for conversation, and the exchange between the used tires and the money should be done in person. At least that is how I would do it.

Another alternative you have in selling your used tires, is to go on eBay and auction off your used tire, the only downside to eBay is that you will be charged a small fee for placing your auction online, and the costs of shipping to someone may not be worth the sale of the tire.

If you are looking to getting into the business of selling used tires, you should know if done right it can be a profitable business. Most used tires stores are opened in bigger cities. If you are looking for more information from a business stand point, be on the look out for future posts of mine, as I will likely go into more detail on how you can go about selling used tires from a business stand point.

Things to make with old used tires

So you have used tires at your disposal, but what can you do with them besides recycling them, or disposing of the used tires? It’s quite simple actually, you can get creative with your used tires, and make things with them! This could be a fun little project for you, and this post will highlight and give you some ideas of what it is you could do with your old used tires.

You might ask the question, What are some of the benefits of using your old tires? Well, instead of paying for disposal of your used tires, you can save money by reusing those used tires in innovative ways you’ve never thought of before! You can get really creative, and let your brainstorm some really neat innovative uses for those used tires!

Perhaps one of the most common uses of used tires is to make a Swing out of them. Perhaps you’ve been to a friend’s house or seen it on a movie, I know for me, my grandpa had one, and I’d always use that swing, had alot of memories from it! You should know, making a used tires swing It’s really a simple thing to do, all you really need is a sturdy tree, with very strong rope, and with the right tools, you can create yourself a great swing, that the whole family will enjoy! One word of advice make sure you’ve got a really strong tree, and make sure you install the swing set properly, and if you do you will be rewarded with an awesome swing, I am sure you will have an amazing experience with it.

Some of the other things I have seen people do with their used tire, is if you are a gardener utilize the tires in your flower garden. Think about the inside of a tire, it can be a great storage holder for plants, You can cut the tire in half so you can put the tire tread horizontally, and you can add your soil, seeds and everything to make a beautiful place holder for flowers and plants. That isn’t the only way to utilize it in your garden, but the important thing is to make it work for your garden, and adapt!

Think about the uses the tires can also have on a drive way, or how about using the rubber of the tires to strengthen something else around the house? There are so many things you can do or make with the used tires, it’s all about brainstorming ideas, and thinking about what you could really use around the house that the tires can complement with the right adjustments to it! And last but not least, have fun with it after all they are just used tires, and be safe!

Used Tires Dealers Website

Being that this is my first post on this used tires dealers blog, I thought I would start off with an introduction and share to everyone what this website is all about, and what you can expect from this used tires website. First of all you can expect me to always be talking about used tires, that’s a given. Not only that but we will look more in depth and explore just about every topic there is to talk about when it comes to tires in general, and not just the used ones, as the title of this website suggest.

One area that I know alot of people would like to learn about is how to dispose of their used tires, not to worry, I will be making blog posts, and trying my best to cover in detail how you can go about doing that. One other thing to mention about used tire disposal, each state in the United States of America, has their own little niche and way of how they like to dispose of their used tires, so I will try my best to share what it is you need to do for the state you reside in.

Okay, so we all know that we can mount the tires on our cars, but there is also many other great uses for tires, I too will try to share with you some neat little craft projects you can also do, just in case you want to make use of your used tires in a different, and more unique way.

Well, I think so far from this introductory blog post, you’ve gotten a glimpse of how this blog will go, and just the kind of content you can expect to read here on our Used Tires Dealers website. Not to worry, there will likely be other things discussed here too beyond what it is I mentioned. Take this post as more or less, a sneak preview of “some” of the things to be posted here!

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