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Other Uses For Used Tires

We’ve all seen Gianormous tractor tires on their side full of sand, and all the fun that entails, and ya know, when used with a little creativity and some smart thinking used tires can be transformed from worthless junk that’s expensive to get rid of, into wonderful memory filled play things. Let’s go over some priceless ideas for those old tires you might have lying around.

But first we should address some of the dangers in using tires that we need to think about before we go out and stick things in the yard. The biggest problem with using used tires is they collect water really good, and a water filled tire is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, an irritation we can all relate to. Unfortunately they aren’t just a minor irritation, they can carry deadly diseases and we want to do everything we can to keep them out of the yard. We can do several things to ensure this doesn’t happen, we can treat the tire with chemicals, but not a good option if the tire is going to be used for children, we can store the tires in a place that is dry, like a garage or a basement, until we need them. If there just isn’t a way to put them where you want and not collect water, just make a point to go out and empty the water after it rains. Another thing we need to watch out for is the little wires that are inside a tire, don’t want to put a tire out to be played with if sharp things are sticking out of it, just check over the tires and make sure they are suitable to be put out.

C:\Users\Sardonicus\Desktop\05090317_barn.jpgC:\Users\Sardonicus\Desktop\tire swing.jpgNow that we’ve covered the boring stuff we can move on to the fun part. One of the oldest uses for an old tire is a swing. Pretty simple Tree + Rope + Tire = years and years of fun.  You don’t HAVE to use a tree of course, nowadays we don’t always have a big oak tree in our back yard, you can use any structure that is capable of handling the weight and forces of a swing, my uncle used an engine hoist for his tire swing, so be creative, just make sure what you’re using can withstand all the forces that the swing is going to put on it.

You can also make a good old fashion sand box, what little kid doesn’t like to go digging around in the sand? Bury stuff they know they shouldn’t and ruining the old china, ya know… the fun stuff! Unfortunately those big tractor tires aren’t as common as the use to be and might be pretty expensive better sand box than a tractor tire!

Of course it’s not only toys that can be made from a few old tires. Tires make for great landscaping borders, bury them about half way and they won’t collect water. They take paint pretty good so you can decorate them any way you want, and it makes for a good barrier against the lawn mower ;) gotta protect those flowers!

C:\Users\Sardonicus\Desktop\tiresculpture-759065.jpgIf you’re feeling artistic some day you could also stack them to form very unique statues that would make any yard the envy of the neighborhood.




If you happen to own a dock, you can put a few tires on the side to protect the side of your boat before you head out on some grand fishing adventure.

Tires however cannot be effectively used as let’s say… a flotation device They would make horrible pillows You wouldn’t want to hang one from your rear view mirror, Very uncomfortable chairs. They wouldn’t make a very good landing pad for bungee jumping off the roof of your house … might make a fashionable necklace though … something to think about ;-)


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