Used Tires and Rain

I am going to talk about a recent experience I had driving in the rain with used tires. The front tires in the Toyota Camry that I was driving, both tires were really worn out. I am talking about barely any thread left in the front tires. If you were to look at the tires, you could see that there is no “gap” like you would see. It was all pretty much like a used slick racing tire. Anyways the trip was quite long, I would say about 300 miles. It was not bad to drive when the rain was light, but when the rain picked up intensity, and there was more water on the highway, that’s when things started to get intense. Every time, I would change lanes, it felt like the car was hydroplaning, and was literally floating on the road. Even though I would be holding the wheel straight, the car would start to slowly veer to the right or to the left on its own. Luckily I knew not to overreact and use very smooth motions, and the trip was fine. Needless to say we did get some better tires on the car. We did get used tires on the car again but it was ones with much more thread left in it.

Is it safe to drive in the rain with used tires?

The biggest thing you must know is, it all depends on how much thread is left in your tires. If your tire is completely bald and there is no more thread left, youre tire will be like a slick tire, and you will definitely be hydroplaning wherever you are driving. It will be similar to driving on ice, and you will feel no control of your car once you begin hydroplanning. Even professional races who race in the rain can experience this, and believe me they will spin out! The more thread or gap in your tires that you have left, the more standing water your tires can take.