The right way to measure your used tires air pressure

It is very important that your vehicle’s tires have the correct pressure for reasons of safety, efficiency and reliability. Not doing so will lead to premature wear and shorter life of the tires, apart from being a safety hazard, especially with frequently used tires. Also, be sure that the tire pressure you use is a reliable one. Ask your tire professional about reputed brands. If you have a lot of vehicles to check, it might be a good idea to opt for a digital air pressure gauge.

Here is how you should measure tire pressure. First, if there are hubcaps on your wheels, you need to remove them, using a hubcap remover or something like a crowbar, so you can access the tire’s valve stem. Some automobiles have the valve stems accessible through the hubcap itself and so you must check to see if this is the case with your vehicle before removing the hubcap. If you have to remove it, keep it safely at the side before proceeding. Once you gain access to the valve, make sure you check it for any cracks or leaks. If you do find a fault, carry it over to your local tire maintenance facility to get it fixed. But do not take a reading before you fix it.

Now take off the valve stem cap slowly (to prevent any damage to the valve stem). Keep it in a safe place to retrieve later. Take the pressure gauge and place it over the valve stem. If you are using a manual pressure gauge, you will see the meter stick blow outward. If you are using a digital gauge, wait for a few more seconds. Then remove the pressure gauge from the valve stem and record the tire pressure reading that you see. Now take another measurement the same way, by placing the pressure gauge on the valve stem. Taking multiple readings helps you determine the reliability of your tire gauge as well as getting a more through reading of your tire pressures.

Once you are done taking the readings, replace the valve stem cap of the tire. Do the same for all four tires, either at the same time or do it for each tire individually after taking each reading. Also replace the hubcaps carefully, if you had to take them off to take the readings.