Making a tire swing

Remember the old days when you were a kid and played with the tire swing? Well, why not make one for your kids. Tire swings back then used old fashioned rope. This time we will use sturdy chains. Make sure that the tire is in a horizontal position and not vertical, its much better that way!

Instructions on Making a tire Swing:

  1. Pick the tire out. Make sure that the tire is not too bum or the kids wont be able to sit on it. Look at the tire and decide on which side looks better. The side that looks best will be used for the top. Then flip it over and drill holes into it around the edges, try to space it out equal.
  2. tire for swing
  3. Then flip the tire again. You are now going to drill three holes, that together, are in the shape of a triangle. Then attach an eyebolt to each side. Thread the eyebolt with a net and fender washer. On the inside of the tire place another fender washer and lock washer with another nut.
  4. pieces
  5. eyebolt
  6. Attach the S hook through the eye bolt . Then use a pair of big vice grip pliers to squeeze the attached side of the hook. Do this on all the s hooks.
  7. attachments
  8. Attach the chains, to each of the s hooks. Once you have attached the chain, make sure to use the pliers to close it in again.
  9. finished tire swing
  10. Then take the three chains and hold them together. Attach the top S hook to the three chains. Then use the pliers to close the bottom part again.
  11. holding chains
  12. closing with pliers
  13. You will need a few items for to attach to the top part of the hook : swivel, connector link for the, clip hook, ratchet
  14. more tools
  15. Attach the swivel to the top of the S hook. Then use the pliers to close the s hook again.
  16. s hook close
  17. Take the connector link and attach it to the swivel, then attach the clip hook to the connector link.
  18. clip attachment
  19. Then take another chain and swing it over the tree branch.
  20. chain on tree branch
  21. Attach the two sides of the chain to the clip hook. Your done!
  22. final attachment