how to dispose of tires

You’ve got some used tires on your hands and you are looking at how to dispose of tires, this article will try to give you some insight and clues on how you can go about recycling and disposing of those used tires.

First of all, if you are in the United States, each state has its own laws as to how you can go about disposal of your used tires. Make sure you read up the laws for your specific state so you don’t do something that is illegal with your used tires in your particular state. If you are outside of the United States, you are gonna have to find out about your specific country’s laws in regards to the disposal of used tires.

If you’d like to make a little bit of money with those used tires on hands and they are relatively still in good condition, you can always find a buyer as demand for used tires is relatively high, especially when the economy is down like it is at the moment in the USA. You can usually sell your tire on craigslist by making a post in your town/area and advertising that you have some used tires for sale, as long as your tires are in great shape, you are gonna find a buyer. If you’re in a city that has alot of used tires, you could also try calling up a local store that deals with used tires, and try making a deal with them. They will likely buy the tires from you, although your profit might not be as a great since after all they would have to re-sell those tires to someone else, so they would want to buy the used tires from you at a lower cost, so they can make a profit on it.

In future posts I will try to go in depth about the laws in regards to each specific state and how they govern their used tires disposal, as each state is unique with their laws. For the mean time, if you are looking at how to dispose used tires, your best bet is to search your state website in the appropriate laws in that regard, or alternatively you could always try to sell your used tires and reduce the costs of your new tires that way!