Used Tires Prices in New Jersey

The front tires on my SUV were severely worn, especially the left front tire, which had flat spots. Anytime you are driving really worn used tires you have a chance of getting a blow out, which could be very dangerous. So looking to save money, I went and replaced the two front tires with used tires. Both tires were Goodyear brand and had plenty of grip and thread left in them. I bought them in Newark, New Jersey, each for 40 dollars. I wound up giving each tire changer a five dollar tip, so the total for the two tires came to be 90 dollars. A pretty good temporary investment.

I hope this post gives you an idea of what you can expect the price of used tires to be in Newark, NJ. I did buy used tires once in Pennsylvania, and it was cheaper at the place I bought them for 35 for just one tire. A pretty good investment too as those tires were able to last for over a year before I had to get a fresher set of tires to replace them. If you do any shopping for used tires whether it be in New Jersey or any other state in the USA, leave a comment below so others can get a sense of the prices for used tires in their state or local area.