The importance of running correct tire pressures

Whenever you are driving down the road, have you ever wondered about the fact that the only parts of your car that are in contact with the road are those four used tires? If not, you might not be giving them the importance or attention that they deserve in keeping you safe and sound during your travels.

Of course, as we know, tires work because of the air filled inside them, which is measured in pounds per square inch or PSI. The tire pressure will affect the quality of ride of your vehicle. A flat tire with no air pressure is as useful as having no tire. Whereas having too much pressure can result in a bumpy ride while too little pressure can cause sloppiness in handling and reheating of the tire itself. None of these conditions are desirable and can lead to mishaps while on the road.

So it is important that we frequently pay attention to the used tires and make sure the pressures are as they should be and not too high or not too low. For this, we can turn to the car owner’s manual where the recommended tire pressures for your vehicle are listed. Sometimes, they can also be listed on the car’s body panels too.

Make sure you check your tire pressures twice a month at least. This can be done for free at your local filling station. For most accurate reading, make sure you take the measurement after the car has been sitting overnight and before having driven too many miles. This is because temperature affects tire pressure, something we will discuss in a future article in depth. But basically, the more the wheels rotate on the ground and the faster the car goes, the more heat is generated in the used tires and this heat in turns leads to increase in the pressure inside the tire, thus giving you a false reading if you check the tire pressure immediately after coming off a long drive.

You can also check tire pressure at home if you have a tire pressure gauge. These are quite inexpensive and can be obtained for under $20 at most auto part stores.

Remember, if you take care of your used tires, they will take care of you!