Places to sell used tires

If you read my previous article Places to buy used tires, I talked about how you can can go about buying used tires, well today I will be discussing the issue in regards to where you can sell your used tires, just what kind of places can you go to, to sell your used tires. If you read or check out the previous article you can get a good idea of what will be talked about here in this article, as it is a reciprocal thing between selling and buying used tires.

Obviously if you have a business established and a store that sells used tires, you already have a place to sell used tires. However as a normal average person you likely do not. A good suggestion will be to get in contact with these places that sell used tires, and see if you can’t bargain with them and sell your used tires to them. If they see that your tires are still in relatively good condition, it is very likely that they will buy the used tires from you, so that is one definite avenue that you can go to.

The other places that you can sell your used tires would be online. The best place I recommend currently would be to sell your used tires on Craigslist. The main reason being that you can put up your listing to your local town, and arrange a deal with your local person. You can try to sell your tire on eBay, but chances are you will lose out on your full potential profit from the tire. The loss comes from the fact that if you think about it, a used tire or any tire for that matter is very heavy, so if you ship the tire out, it will wind up being a very costly ship, and likely not worth your time to sell it on eBay. As you can see, currently the best place online to sell your used tires would be craigslist, since your are dealing on a local level you can deliver the tire to the person, or you can arrange a meeting at a destination and make the transaction there. I hope this article was useful to you, I will be writing more articles on used tires, so as always been on the look out for that, and check the archive to see all the posts I’ve made to find your desired topic or issue with used tires.